Finding a Vehicle That Matches My Personality

carA car is more than just a mode of transportation. It is an extension of your person. It can reflect your values, your politics, and your personality as much as your clothing, house, and job do.  Many people spend hours in their car every day, commuting to work, running errands, or just driving for pleasure. If you want to find a car that closely matches your personality, keep these things in mind.

Your Age

Many cars are preferred by specific age groups.  Minivans and station wagons suggest soccer moms as do many SVUs. Surprisingly, Corvettes, which are considered sports cars, are more associated with middle aged driver than a younger demographic. It’s considered to be the premiere mid-life crisis car.  Most younger drivers can’t afford expensive flashy cars, but seek out newer models like the revamped Dodge Challenger or the Cube.


The Green Club insists on driving hybrid or electric cars that prove their environmental cred.  Seek out a Prius, Leaf, or Volt to emphasize this part of your personality. Other options, depending on driving needs and income include the Toyota RAV4 or Tesla SUVs which now come in all-electric versions, a smart car or a Tesla roadster or sedan.


In general fast cars indicate a personality that likes to take risks and has a flamboyant personality. If you want to be noticed and prove you’re successful, seek out a sports car or racing car that broadcasts those traits. Just remember, if you’re over a certain age, the message you’ll be sending is that you’re trying to recapture your youth.


Luxury cars, especially pricier European models, show that you want the best things out of life — and that you can afford them.  If there’s a gap between your actual lifestyle and the brand of your car, it can communicate that you are class-obsessed and want to appear richer than you are.


Some trucks fall into the workhorse category, suggesting that you are a solid, working class American who loves their Ford (or Chevy) and uses it for practical purposes.  Monster-sized trucks and 4x4s send a message that you’re aggressive and will “drive right over” anyone who gets in your way.

Car Color

On top of choosing the right car, you need to consider what the color of the car says about your personality. There are numerous color guides available on the internet, but here are a few quick notes on what specific colors mean:

  • black — elegance, classic, powerful, not easily manipulated
  • white — pure, clean, direct, hard to please
  • light/mid blue — calm, unshakable, faithful
  • dark blue — confident, authoritative, trustworthy
  • red — bold, sensual, high energy, outgoing, craves attention
  • orange — creative, original, artistic, charming
  • green — well-balanced, traditional, trustworthy
  • yellow — joyful, sunny disposition, young at heart

Article by Johnny Evans a writer and blogger on cars, motorsports and more.  Read some of his articles on Scott Tucker Racing on sites like the one found here.

How Do Race Cars Go So Fast?

Can your Pontiac Grand Prix do 250 mph?  Have you ever wondered why not?  Judging by the popularity of aftermarket performance parts for most cars out there, you’re not the only one.  But the stuff that performance catalogs offer isn’t anywhere close to the stuff that makes your favorite F1 or NASCAR beast go fast.

formula 1 carThe first difference is that race cars are light—really light.  The average passenger car in the US weighs around 4,000 pounds, while your typical NASCAR car weighs in at 3,400 pounds, and F1 regulates that their cars cannot weight any less than about 1,500 pounds.  Teams achieve these weights by stripping out just about everything that doesn’t help the car go faster.  Door panels, windshield wipers, air conditioning, radios, everything.  They even go so far as to replace all the glass with plexiglass.  F1 teams opt for carbon fiber body panels over the aluminum or steel ones on road cars.

The only things in the car are the things that are absolutely necessary, and in that, there is some of the beauty of motorsport.  Form follows function, almost completely.  Since teams started paying attention to aerodynamics, no spoiler, no mirror, no wheel flare is without purpose.  The cabin is the same way—the driver’s seat is molded to one specific driver, and the dash is alight with tons of lights and studded with tons of switches, all designed to make sure that the driver knows exactly what is going on under the hood, and what to do in case something isn’t right.

The second difference is the engine.  The average 2013 Chevy Malibu redlines at 6,300 RPM, which is fairly good, but not in comparison to a race car.  NASCAR entries don’t top out until around 10,000 RPM, and F1 cars often can spin up to 16,000 RPM, both of which are darned impressive numbers considering that they are using V8 or V10 engines.  A lot goes into make an engine do that, from exceptionally strong internal components to flabbergasting arrays of radiators and pumps, just to keep fluids flowing and the engines cool; engines so complicated that they have a placard on the dash for the startup procedure.

The speeds are completely different from your grocery-getter, too.  The top average speed for a NASCAR race is 210 mph, and for F1 it’s even higher, at 257 mph.  Know how scary it is to go 100?  Imagine that at twice the speed, with a bunch of cars inches away doing to exact same thing.  Most passenger cars can’t even go half as fast as an F1 car.

The differences between road cars and race cars are legion, and this only begins to brush the surface of the topic.  But if there are two main factors that separate the two, it is vehicle weight and engine output.

Dan Piper is a car mechanic and writer who loves writing about auto racing, tops racers, and teams like Scott Tucker Racing for sports sites, automotive blogs, and race magazines.

DUI in Vegas Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most notorious party destinations in the United States. Every year millions of people head to this desert oasis intending to drink, party, and in general have a good time. The Visitors Bureau has capitalized on this reputation with the now cliche slogan stating that anything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. This slogan is quickly discarded as soon as someone breaks a law and is arrested. Arrest records and subsequent convictions, can follow an individual back to their home state and throughout the rest of their life.

Since Vegas is known for partying, many people drink while in Sin City. These individuals need to realize that if they are arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs, they will face both criminal and civil penalties. This may include fines, jail time, and suspension of their drivers license. If property damage, injury, or death occurs as a result of DUI, then the penalties will be more severe.

Because Nevada has an implied consent law, drivers who refuse to submit to a breath test or subsequent chemical testing will face automatic penalties. Once arrested, they will be fingerprinted and processed and may need to post bond in order to be released. Finding a Las Vegas DUI attorney will be a priority at this point. Nevada DUI laws are complicated and only an experienced attorney is going to be able to help visitors understand their rights and assist them through the criminal court process.

As with any criminal case, those accused of DUI will face arraignment, a court appearance during which they enter their plea of guilty or not guilty. The case then goes to a pretrail conference or hearing and motions. This is the time when attorneys are most likely to arrange a plea bargain with the prosecutors. If the case actually goes to trial, defendants will need to decide whether they want a bench trial or a jury trail. A lawyer will be invaluable in making this decision and in arguing the case.

A conviction in trial or a plea bargain agreement will result in the judge determining the final sentence, which will enter the driver’s permanent criminal record and follow them for the rest of their life.

How to Save Money on Tires

Money is not really the root of all evil. It isn’t evil at all, it is just a necessary part of modern life. People need to have money in order to exchange it for goods and services. The way to get better quality items is to pay more money. It’s really a simple equation. The problem comes when funds are limited. This forces people to make choices about what to spend their money on and how much they can afford. Being able to save money on larger purchases, like car tires, usually means they will have that extra money to spend on other things.

There are several ways to save money on tires. The most obvious is to only buy discount tires . This means waiting for tire sales or finding tire dealers that offer discount prices all the time. Another option in this category is to buy used tires. Some people take advantage of coupons, discount codes, or rebates when buying tires while others always buy tire and wheel packages because the cost per item is lower.

An overlooked way to save money on tires is to extend their life as long as possible. Squeezing a few more thousand miles out of those goodyear tires means that the owner gets more value for the dollars they already spent and can postpone spending money on new tires. Keeping tires properly inflated and rotated is an important part of ensuring a long life for them. It’s also a good idea to avoid aggressive driving habits that will burn off the tread of the tires faster.

Dan Piper is a car mechanic and popular “how to” blogger who also writes about auto racers like Scott Tucker and Dale Earnhardt Jr for sports and racing blogs.

Shopping for a Lawyer

By the time most people need a lawyer, they may not be in the right mindset to consider shopping around. They’ll just go with whatever lawyers in reno were recommended by a friend or colleague. They may go for the one whose name they saw in an ad or who was mentioned in the news. Before putting their business, legal status, or their life itself in the hands of an attorney, they should give the decision at least some consideration.

After making a list of all the lawyers they can think of, they should call each to ask some basic questions. The most important is making sure that the lawyer handles that specific type of law. Just as doctors specialize, lawyers are usually focused on handling certain areas of the law . A criminal attorney may know a little about business contracts, but not enough to entrust them with vital corporate matters.

The next step is to schedule an initial consultation with those that pass the screening. This will be an opportunity to visit their law offices and assess their professionalism. It is also a time to ask more detailed questions about their experience, win-loss record, and whether they will handle all the work themselves or if other lawyers in the firm will be assisting with the case. Fee structures and retainers should also be confirmed.

In the end, most lawyers are going to be ethical and trustworthy and it comes down to assessing affordability, compatibility, and whether or not they think a specific lawyer will be able to help them.

The Able Lincoln Tire Test

New tires are a part of life. Most of us go through new set of tires after new set of tires without ever really thinking about what the repair manual says about how to tell if it is time to change out tires. This is probably because tires are easy and even if a Buick Le Sabre repair manual said something different about when the right time to change the tires is as compared to an auto repair website, they are still tires and people will stick to their way of testing tires. Those tires will need about the same amount of tread no matter what, so there should be no need to consult an outside source.

One of the most often used tests to determine the tread on the tires is the Abe Lincoln test. It is very simple and all you will need is a penny. You will want to put the penny in one of the grooves and see how far up the penny the tread goes. If it doesn’t go up to his hair line you may want to start thinking about getting new tires. Where this first originated is unknown. It is doubtful it was found in something like the Dodge Caravan repair manual , but it might have been in a less corporate manual on car maintenance.

What is your way of telling when the tires are ready to be changed?

New Tires Will Spiff Up Your Old Car

Almost everyone loves their car. Or at least they desire to have a car that they love and are either working toward owning it or trying to make the most of the car they have. And when the economy is down and households across the country are suffering from budget concerns chances are more likely that people are trying to make the most of the vehicle they have. However, there is actually good news attached to that statement. Sometimes making the most out of your current vehicle can actually be fun and rewarding. And in the long run it can save you a lot of money.

There are a few things you can do to your current car to upgrade not only its appearance but also its performance. Painting it a new color and getting a tune up or oil change are probably the first things that come to mind, however there are a number of other things you can do to improve your vehicle, and make an actual noticeable change in the way it drives. Getting a tune up on a regular basis is definitely recommended and should be part of your regular routine. And if you want to do something for the appearance of your car, painting it a new color is one option, but there are others that will fall in about the same price range.

One of these is to buy new tires for it. There are various brand names such as Falken tires , that have great deals on new packages. New tires on your car will not only improve its appearance but they will also improve the way your car drives and will help you to use less gas. This makes choosing from available wheel and tire packages a more responsible decision than investing in a new car color. And on top of that, you may not end up being satisfied with the new color of your car, but with new tires you can really never go wrong. This is one of the positive upgrades you can do for your current vehicle that should not only improve its appearance and performance but should also save you some money.

Chili Crab in Singapore

In the early 1800s, Singapore was not much more than a small Malay village of a few hundred people. Their diet consisted largely of fish. Today, Singapore has grown significantly, to a cosmopolitan city of about five million, and seafood remains an important part of their meals, which has become a fusion of seafood and the local cultures, including Chinese, Indian, Malay, Eurasian and Arab. One of the most popular dishes in a Singapore restaurant is the chili crab.

Making Singapore chili crab requires whole cooked crabs. Start with Dungeness crabs, a quarter cup of tomato ketchup, two tablespoons of hot chili paste and two tablespoons of either oyster sauce or Indonesian soy sauce. Include a tablespoon of tamarind paste and three tablespoons of peanut oil. You’ll need four scallions, thinly sliced and about an inch of fresh ginger, that’s chopped and peeled. Chop, too, four cloves of garlic and one serrano chile, and two tablespoons of cilantro leaves.

Take the crab’s main shell and throw it away. Remove any gills and soft insides, then cut the body in two, cutting behind the legs. You’ll want to crack the legs and the claws with a hammer or knife; once you’ve completed this task, set the legs and and claws to one side. Mix in a bowl the chili paste, the ketchup, the oyster and/or soy sauce, and the tamarind paste. Thin it out by adding a quarter cup of water. Now pour the oil into a big skillet or a wok and place it over a high heat. Cook in the bowl for one minute a mix of scallion, ginger, one half chile, cilantro, and garlic. Add in the crab and then stir fry all of this together for another minute; pour in the sauce mixture and continue to cook, stirring, for another five minutes or until the sauce has been absorbed by the crab and the sauce has become thick. Once you’ve accomplished all of this, it’s time to put the dish on a plate and add a little more garnish of chile and cilantro.

If you’re making plans to go to Singapore, you might want to make this dish at home and then compare the crab in its natural setting! If crab doesn’t appeal, there’s plenty of other choices, from Indian food, such as the Song of India , or Italian, such as Forlino’s . It’s all a matter of taste.

Stealing Maps makes for Great Cartography

Europe cartographers, prior to the 1500s, made maps of Africa and they all looked nothing like continent of Africa we know today. A Europe map had very little relationship to the actual Africa maps of today. But, there are places where Europe’s early maps seem intriguingly accurate; Cairo, the Isthumus of Suez and the Sinai Desert. Apparently, these areas of the ‘neck of Africa’, where the continent is attached to the Middle East, in relative terms, by a narrow isthumus. The isthmus is only 150 kilometers long from north to south. This irregular marker, known as ‘the short neck of Africa’, indicates how European mapping and surveying technology were very primitive.

Now, in the 1500s, Europeans took an incredible leap with their cartographic technology. This jump, focused on Lisbon, Portugal all due to the stunning breakthrough of Alberto Cantino , Italy’s spy for the Duke of Ferrera, who stole a copy of the top secret King’s Map of Portugal in 1502, which accurately reveals the continental outline of Africa, accurate with only one irregularity, the King’s Map shows Africa with a ‘Long Neck’. The neck is shown to be at least 1,500 to 2,000 kilometers long, more that 10 times the actual length of the Isthmus of Suez. A majority of geographers were aware that this was a huge error, so the King’s map was a very short lived phenomenon in the history of cartography. An interesting side-note about the King’s map: it was found hanging in an Italian butcher shop in the mid 19th century; truly an amazing find.

The sudden jump, which Europeans took with geography when they looked at how Africa was portrayed on the Cantino map, is well appreciated, especially when they abandoned the concept of a ‘Long Neck’ configuration and accepted the accuracy of Africa’s coastline.

Payday Loans to Improve Your Credit

In a time where everyone is struggling financially, there is still a lot of emphasis on having a good credit score. In fact many banks and lending institutions have become more strict in who they offer loans to. This has led many people to turn to Montel Williams endorsed payday loans. They don’t require a credit check and often you receive your loan that same day. However, even if you have less than perfect credit you can use your payday loans to help improve your credit score.
One of the key elements in determining your credit score is the type of credit. Essentially they are looking for diversity in the type of loans that you have; such as a mortgage, car payment, credit card, retail accounts etc. By getting a payday loan and having that in your history, you can help add to that diversification.
Another element that is an even larger part of your credit score is your repayment history. They look very closely at the timeliness with which you pay your bills and make deductions in your score if you are ever late with your payments. Because payday loans are due relatively quickly if you pay them off completely and on time you can also add points to your score fairly quickly. It can get very expensive if you do this consistently each paycheck; however, if you build up a solid history of paying off your loans on time you can get approved for longer-term loans, which will in turn have a greater impact on your score .
Traditionally, payday loans were seen as a last resort for those who have bad credit; however, as we are seeing now, they are becoming a legitimate way for everyone to improve their credit score very quickly and easily. Your credit score is adjusting and changing all the time, so by being informed you can be a positive part of that change.