Finding a Vehicle That Matches My Personality

carA car is more than just a mode of transportation. It is an extension of your person. It can reflect your values, your politics, and your personality as much as your clothing, house, and job do.  Many people spend hours … Read the rest

How Do Race Cars Go So Fast?

Can your Pontiac Grand Prix do 250 mph?  Have you ever wondered why not?  Judging by the popularity of aftermarket performance parts for most cars out there, you’re not the only one.  But the stuff that performance catalogs offer isn’t … Read the rest

DUI in Vegas Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most notorious party destinations in the United States. Every year millions of people head to this desert oasis intending to drink, party, and in general have a good time. The Visitors Bureau has capitalized … Read the rest

How to Save Money on Tires

Money is not really the root of all evil. It isn’t evil at all, it is just a necessary part of modern life. People need to have money in order to exchange it for goods and services. The way to … Read the rest

Shopping for a Lawyer

By the time most people need a lawyer, they may not be in the right mindset to consider shopping around. They’ll just go with whatever lawyers in reno were recommended by a friend or colleague. They may go for the … Read the rest

The Able Lincoln Tire Test

New tires are a part of life. Most of us go through new set of tires after new set of tires without ever really thinking about what the repair manual says about how to tell if it is time to … Read the rest

New Tires Will Spiff Up Your Old Car

Almost everyone loves their car. Or at least they desire to have a car that they love and are either working toward owning it or trying to make the most of the car they have. And when the economy is … Read the rest

Chili Crab in Singapore

In the early 1800s, Singapore was not much more than a small Malay village of a few hundred people. Their diet consisted largely of fish. Today, Singapore has grown significantly, to a cosmopolitan city of about five million, and seafood … Read the rest

Stealing Maps makes for Great Cartography

Europe cartographers, prior to the 1500s, made maps of Africa and they all looked nothing like continent of Africa we know today. A Europe map had very little relationship to the actual Africa maps of today. But, there are places … Read the rest

Payday Loans to Improve Your Credit

In a time where everyone is struggling financially, there is still a lot of emphasis on having a good credit score. In fact many banks and lending institutions have become more strict in who they offer loans to. This has … Read the rest